Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I've not forgotten I have a blog! It's just been really busy around here : D I'll try to recap what's been happening the last couple weeks or so.

First of all, I got my hair cut, I think it was three weeks ago. They took off 4-6 inches, but it was really long to begin with, so now it's about an inch below my sholders, and it's very layered. I really like it. Then, on June 6, was Grace Community's high school graduation. Since there are only two juniors, some of the sophmores and their parents were helping. Mom was in charge of the reception. Then we went up to the mountains with some dear friends of ours. We got up there Thursday, biked about 19 miles Friday, then got home around lunch time Saturday. Then we had our monthly youth event at our house. We ran an obstacle course, roasted hot dogs and smores on a bonfire, and then played Frisbee for about a hour or so. Then on Sunday, we had church, and that evening we had Care Group. We didn't do a normal meal and meeting this time. Instead we went to the Concert on the Green in Davidson, and most of the teens, including me, played about another hour of frisbee. Needless to say, I was sore for most of yesterday, but am feeling much better now! So that's basically all that's been going on!

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Morgan said...

Ooh a haircut!! sounds great! i bet it'll be nice to have short hair for the summer. :)